Bale Wrappers - VICON BW 2850, high volume and easy to use during operation. Its strong and stable allowing you to wrap on the move

Vicon BW 2850

Gezogener Satellitenwickler

Bale Wrappers - VICON BW2600, designed for wrapping a large quantity of bales

Vicon BW 2600

Gezogener Drehtischwickler

Vicon BW 2400

Dreipunkt-Rundballenwickler mit Wickeltisch

Bale Wrappers - VICON BW 2250, wrap on the move with easy and gentle self-loading of the bales

Vicon BW 2250

Anbau Satellitenwickler

Bale Wrappers - VICON BW 2100, reliable way of wrapping bales also three-point mounted turntable wrapper

Vicon BW 2100

Dreipunkt-Anbauwickler mit Drehtisch